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Carved in stone

Carved in stone

For me to offer something hand carved which is different and that lasts, this is a service that is worth providing. I use stone to do this, it has an enduring quality. It’s no secret that stone has been transformed with remarkable skill by some of the exceptionally talented artisans and artists throughout the centuries. Pausing for a moment, considering and appreciating their work, i can imagine them with the stone they touched, sweating with and giving energy too. The best of their selves is now a persisting legacy. So far, i have achieved some good results but I think I can do better.  Here is a recent piece of my stone carving. I used Bath stone and the finished piece is now owned by a customer living in Bath. It is a two dimensional figure of Winefride a Welsh Christian Saint from the 7th century.

The carving is based on another artists impression of the saint created in stain glass in1934. I tried to find some information about the artist but they are unknown.  The stain glass window can be seen at St Nons Chapel , St Davids in Wales.

The stone I used measured  1.2  x  .8 metres. This was a heavy piece and costing  £600. To reduce the risk of making a mistake in stone i first formed a model of the woman using clay. A clay model like this is called a maquette. Making this allows an assessment of the proportions and form on a smaller scale. Its also useful for the customer who can see if they approve of the design.

Now I could start the project in the stone carving workshop iiii

I used a plastic template to draw the lines of the figure.

Presently as stone carvers we have the benefit of using tungsten tipped chisels. The sharpness lasts longer than firesharp chisels which are merely sharpened steel.

Here is picture showing the roughing out stage of the carving process.

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